Aragonite freeform rough crystal 196g

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Aragonite promotes connection, communication and self-confidence. Supports bones, joints, flexibility and stress resistance.

Aragonite strengthens family ties, friendships and serenity between human relationships. Its energy increases sensitivity, clear communication and releases blockages. It strengthens self-confidence and promotes good social contacts. It allows patience and inner balance to mature. Its luminous power can be felt both inside and out. It strengthens the soul and the aura begins to radiate again.

It supports the calcium metabolism, helps with bone and joint problems and has an immunizing effect. It encourages responsible, tolerant behavior and has a positive effect on flexibility. Aragonite can also promote inner stability, serenity and stress resistance.

As with almost all crystals, it is helpful to have an appreciative eye and visual contact with these semi-precious stones, because like all gemstones, sensitivity and connection with these spiritual beings matures. Crystals love to fulfill the positive effect in our aura and environment, as they always give unconditionally in the mountain massifs. With an aragonite, it is easy to experience stillness and meditative arrival.

Sacral chakra

Charging on rock crystal tumbled stones and in the sun.

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Colour Orange
Material Aragonite
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