Coelestine rough crystal 559g

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Coelestine - A gift from nature for healing, inner peace and spiritual growth. Relieves pain, promotes balance and opens the path to higher knowledge.

Coelestine rough crystal, with its gentle and calming radiance, is more than just a fascinating sight. Its wound-healing properties make it a supportive companion for injuries and after operations, while at the same time it promotes digestion and stimulates detoxifying processes in the body.

Amidst its shimmering splendor, coelestine also has a pain-relieving effect on tension and headaches. Its power extends beyond the physical level, regenerating damaged tissue and imparting healing and renewal.

However, coelestine is not only a crystal of physical regeneration, but also a guardian of inner peace. Its ability to soothe fiery emotions and alleviate grief makes it a crystal of comfort and balance.

Many also seek this gemstone to promote their spiritual growth. Coelestine opens the flow of energy in the body and uplifts the spirit for higher knowledge and a deeper understanding of the universe. As a cosmic lullaby, it provides restful sleep, beautiful dreams and enables communication with higher beings.

With its connection to the throat and eye chakra, Coelestine has a targeted effect on communication and understanding. It dissolves restrictive behavioral patterns, helps to build a healthy structure and promotes a harmonious balance between thinking and feeling.

In the depth of its vibration, Coelestin brings body and soul into harmony and gives more joy, relaxation and balance. This high vibration crystal is a gift from nature that gently accompanies us on our journey to inner peace and spiritual insight.

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Colour Blue
Material Celestine
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