Amethyst rough crystal piece 848g

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Amethyst - king of healing stones, promotes clarity, concentration and inner peace. An eye-catcher full of wisdom and healing.

approx. 11cm x 9cm x 6cm in size.

Beautiful large amethyst crystal. Its shiny vibrant purple hues make it an eye-catcher that takes hearts by storm.

Amethyst, known as the "king of healing stones", has a long history in traditional stone healing. It stands for clarity of mind and promotes concentration and improves and calms your dreams and sleep quality. You can leave your precious gemstones, jewelry or crystals to rest on these precious amethysts overnight to recharge them.

It is said to purify the body and mind, give inner peace and even help overcome addictions, especially alcoholism. In the world of legends, amethyst is associated with Bacchus, the Greek god of wine. The ancient Greeks firmly believed that amethysts placed in wine would soften the intoxicating effects of the drink.

This crystal also unfolds its fascination and tranquillity in your meditation area. As a meditation stone, amethyst opens the door to mental alertness and inner peace. It can improve sleep and increase the intensity of dreams to clear the subconscious. Bring harmony, peace and mindfulness into your life with this light-filled amethyst crystal. Use it to cleanse other gemstones or to relieve migraines and muscle pain. Its connection with the crown chakra will promote your inner balance and enrich your spiritual journey.

This amethyst crystal group is perfect to serve as an eye-catcher on your dessert table or as a resting place for this beautiful gemstone. Let yourself be seduced by its enchanting brilliance and healing powers. Amethyst, with its soft, violet splendor, brings a luminous presence to your rooms as well as gentle wisdom and healing.

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Colour Violet
Material Amethyst
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