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  1. Früchte Punsch Konzentrat Hildegard
    Fruit punch
    Special Price Fr. 9.90 Regular Price Fr. 13.90
    Incl. 2.6% VAT
  2. Granatapfelsaft Konzentrat Elixier 500ml Dr. Jacob's
    Pomegranate juice concentrate elixir
    Special Price Fr. 32.90 Regular Price Fr. 37.00
    Incl. 2.6% VAT
    Fr. 65.80 / 1 l
  3. Organic Wild Blueberry Juice Direct Juice Loov Organic
    Organic wild blueberry direct juice
    Special Price Fr. 16.90 Regular Price Fr. 17.90
    Incl. 2.6% VAT
    Fr. 33.80 / 1 l
  4. ReiChi Cafe 400g Reishi Pilze und Espresso Kaffee
    ReiChi Cafe 400g
    Special Price Fr. 41.50 Regular Price Fr. 42.90
    Incl. 2.6% VAT
    Fr. 103.75 / 1 kg
  5. Organic wild blueberry powder 170g, PuraVita
    Organic wild blueberry powder
    As low as Fr. 34.50 Regular Price Fr. 35.50
    Incl. 2.6% VAT
  6. Delight Haartonikum forte 50ml, Bluegreen
    Delight hair tonic forte 50ml
    Fr. 55.90
    Incl. 8.1% VAT
    Fr. 1,118.00 / 1 l
  7. Magnesium-Chlorid Badeflakes Badesalz 1kg, PuraVita
    Magnesium chloride bath flakes 1kg
    Fr. 11.50
    Incl. 8.1% VAT
    Fr. 57.50 / 5 kg

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Discover our versatile range. A wide range of vegan foods, including holistic recipes based on Hildegard von Bingen's writings and gluten-free and organic Rettergut products. As well as treasures such as selected gemstone jewelry and powerful Aurasoma body oils and essences.

Our aim is to make your purchase a real pleasure. That is why we not only attach great importance to high-quality products, but also to fair prices. You can also be sure that we are constantly expanding our range with tasty and useful products.

We also attach great importance to sustainability; our packages are packed in recycled paper/cardboard with grass fibers. Rettergut products also help to prevent food waste by using up crooked vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away.

May Lebensgenuss always inspire your kitchen in a refreshing and imaginative way, bring a smile to your face and your loved ones and invite the sun into your hearts.

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Hildegard of Bingen

In the 12th century lived Hildegard von Bingen, an abbess who is regarded as the forerunner of holistic natural medicine and is still very popular today. She identified five pillars of health: nourishing the soul, eating healthily, strengthening the immune system, detoxifying regularly and living sensibly.

In her book "Causae et curae" (Causes and Treatments), she held the deep inner conviction that healing was anchored in faith. In the book "Physica" (Natural History), she described the healing effects of various plants, animals, gemstones and metals. Her teachings and findings are still very influential today and are valued by many people. We offer several products in our store that are based on her recipes.

In the area of nutrition, Hildegard von Bingen recommended spelt, fennel and chestnuts, for example, due to their special nutritional value. These recommendations are still relevant and can be considered part of a healthy diet.


Amber has a positive effect on the skin and joints and can be used for various illnesses. It relieves pain and makes the skin feel pleasant. It is particularly popular for skin irritations, allergies and menstrual pain.

Newborn children also benefit from amber necklaces, which can soothe skin irritation and reduce pain when teeth are growing. The healing stone has been passed down from mothers to their daughters for many centuries, as it also helps with growing pains.

Even dogs can benefit from amber necklaces and amber oil soaps, as wearing them is said to reduce tick infestation, among other things.