Aquamarine bracelet faceted 10mm

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Aquamarine bracelet, strengthens self-confidence and attitude to life, relieves depression and pain, strengthens vision, circulation and immune system.

The sky blue aquamarine bracelet strengthens self-confidence and promotes an optimistic attitude towards life. It has a calming effect on depressive moods and helps to persevere through challenges and master tasks.

Aquamarine relieves allergies, strengthens vision and mobilizes additional strength. It can strengthen the circulation and the immune system. Pain in teeth, intervertebral discs and meniscus is relieved. The heart and pleura get extra help, and liver damage could be weakened.

Stomach and intestines are soothed. Aquamarine can improve nearsightedness and farsightedness and harmonize hormonal balance. It promotes clairvoyance in a unique way. A wonderful companion for Aquarians and Geminis. Element Air, Throat Chakra.

To discharge the stones, they should be cleaned regularly under running water.

Sunbathing is recommended for recharging.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Green, Light green, Light blue, Blue
Material Aquamarine
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