Azurite malachite pendant drilled

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Azurite-Malachite - strengthens the mind and emotions in harmony, promotes emotional stability and prosperity, supports physical healing of muscle and bone injuries, increases blood oxygen levels and supports the repair of damaged brain cells.

Azurite-malachite, a unique rock combination of azurite and malachite, is able to harmonize the mind and the emotional world and thus strengthen the character. It also balances out mood swings, resolves inner conflicts and promotes interest in the environment and fellow human beings. This effect is made possible by the combination of the powers of azurite and malachite, which are also known to improve detoxification, relieve cramps and have a harmonizing effect on cell growth.

Azurite malachite not only provides emotional stability, but also helps you find your place in the universe and broadens your horizons. As a mediator between intuition and intellect, it also promotes prosperity and abundance in life. Its healing energies lift the mood and clear the mind to develop new ideas and solve financial problems. It also serves as a powerful emotional cleanser, healing past traumas and bringing peace and harmony back into relationships.

In physical healing, azurite malachite proves extremely effective for muscle and bone injuries, increases blood oxygen levels and supports the repair of damaged brain cells. It also treats bone and joint problems, soothes sore throats and improves eyesight. Protective against radiation sickness, tumors, arthritis and asthma, this stone corresponds with the elements of air and earth, making it a versatile and powerful protective stone.

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Colour Multicolor, Green, Dark green, Blue, Dark blue
Material Azurite, Malachite
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