Drilled tree agate pendant

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Tree agate - strengthens inner peace, promotes perseverance and problem solving, supports partnerships and financial abundance, promotes self-confidence and self-awareness, strengthens the immune system and heart health, supports kidney function and the nervous system, activates the heart chakra and the connection to earth and water.

Tree agate, a stone of calm, balance and clarity, helps to tackle problems and challenges with determination. It strengthens endurance and conveys inner peace, promotes perseverance and courage, and helps you to find your own center. It also promotes family and partnership relationships by eliminating arrogance and egotism. Tree agate supports financial wealth and abundance, removes blocks to love and helps to accept financial setbacks.

Tree agate encourages you to see difficulties as challenges and to overcome them with new courage. It promotes instincts and the urge to discover, strengthens self-awareness and self-confidence. If you feel defenceless and powerless, tree agate offers the opportunity to master the situation with new courage. It gives a feeling of unassailability and helps to achieve new inner clarity.

On a physical level, tree agate has a wide range of effects. It supports the immune system, helps with neuralgia and back pain, and promotes the health of the heart, blood, kidneys and bladder. It also calms the entire nervous system, regulates the water balance and protects against illness and poisoning. Tree agate works particularly well on the heart chakra and corresponds with the elements of earth and water.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Multicolor, Dark green, White
Material Agate
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