Organic Chi Kombucha roots

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Sweet and sour, strong and full of flavor. With roots such as ginger and other spices - particularly suitable on colder days or for metabolic types who appreciate warmth. Fermented organic fermented drink with live cultures.

Packaging unit: 500ml

Ingredients: Ojas water, fructose*, dextrose*, roots* and barks* (ginger roots*, licorice roots*, cardamom roots*, cinnamon bark*), herbal mixture*, yeast and bacterial cultures
*from controlled organic cultivation (CH-Bio-006)

contains approx. 0.5 to max. 1% vol. Alcohol.

Fermented organic fermented drink with live cultures. Not pasteurized.

Chi is a bright further development of Kombucha: a living drink with natural enzymes. A fine and tasty alternative to energy drinks.

A lively, refreshing drink is created from the organic ingredients in the balance of a specially developed, carefully maintained fermentation process: Chi. The carbon dioxide is not added, but forms naturally in Chi through fermentation in the bottle, just like champagne. Some alcohol (0.5 to max. 1% vol.) is formed in the process, but this is quickly broken down with the help of the active enzymes present in the body. The Chi is bottled without heating and therefore remains alive.

Chi creates a harmonious and invigorating atmosphere, an ideal alternative to alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer or sparkling wine and a natural source of energy instead of coffee, black tea or energy drinks. Chi is a good choice with a fine meal, for toasting in good company, at parties, celebrations and festivities - and very importantly: to get home safely as a driver.

Olivier Bernhard (former best Swiss duathlete and triathlete):
"Chi shortens my recovery time after intensive sport. My muscles can recover more quickly. I primarily use Chi after sport. Due to its high nutritional value, Chi is very well tolerated by the stomach - even under stress. In endurance sports (such as ultra runs and marathon swimming), chi has proven to be gentler on the stomach than normal sports drinks. Chi even keeps me awake on the car journey home after a long day at work because it is so pleasantly invigorating and energizing."

Please do not shake before opening! The root chi can develop a lot of carbon dioxide and is best kept refrigerated before opening.

Nutritional information per 100 ml:

Energy: 120 kj (29 kcal)
Fat: < 0.1 g (of which saturated fatty acids 0 g)
Carbohydrates: 7 g (of which sugar 7 g)
Protein: < 0.5 g
Salt: 0 g

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