Yellow opal bracelet 6mm

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Yellow Opal - strengthens self-expression, self-esteem and the ability to transform negative energies into optimism, promotes the recognition and seizing of new opportunities and a broad perspective on life, supports healing for gallstones, kidney infections and depression.

The yellow opal brings brightness and lightness to the wearer's life. This radiant gemstone attracts good luck and intensifies the flow of positive energy, which helps to make everyday life less stressful. The yellow opal is a perfect companion if you are ready to recognize and seize new opportunities, especially if you are facing a new beginning or seeking a change in your life. Its luminous energy encourages self-expression and self-esteem, helping you to see clearly which paths to avoid. Yellow opal also enhances the ability to interpret dreams and supports a broad perspective, rather than focusing on just one aspect.

With its ability to absorb negative energies, yellow opal transforms sadness into joy and optimism. It is particularly helpful in turning things into reality and making progress towards a positive future. Yellow opal works in resonance with the solar plexus chakra and balances mind, spirit and body. If you are seeking healing and a positive attitude, this stone is a powerful companion that can support you on your path. This gemstone corresponds with both the earth and the sun, which emphasizes its connection to stabilizing and life-giving energies.

Physically, yellow opal has a calming effect and can help with neurological disorders or problems of the nervous system. It is often considered a remedy for illnesses that were previously difficult to treat. Yellow opal also helps with gallstones, kidney infections, lack of energy, Parkinson's disease, diabetes and general pain. It strengthens the immune system and is effective against depression. For babies, it can make teething easier and improve food intake.

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