Blue quartz rough stones 150g

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Blue quartz rough stones approx. 150g

Blue quartz - calming, clear quartz for determination and strengthening the nerves. Supports headaches and promotes love and serenity.

Blue quartz rough stones approx. 150g

Blue quartz is a variety of aventurine and a calming, serenity-giving blue quartz. It promotes clarity and determination in achieving goals.

Blue quartz strengthens the nerves and relieves tension in the neck, head and musculoskeletal system, including trigeminal nerve irritation. In combination with rock crystal, it can provide support in the early stages of cancer and attenuates earth and X-rays.

It can provide relief from headaches, migraines, fever and throat and lung complaints and is a valuable addition to an alternative medicine chest or first-aid kit.

These crystals have a clearing effect and release emotional blockages in the heart, allowing love to flow freely in life. Heart chakra.

Blue quartz is also suitable for gemstone water.

To discharge the stones, they should be cleaned under running water or placed dry on hematite stones.

Sunbathing and placing the stones in a group of rock crystals is recommended to recharge them.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Light blue, Blue
Material Blue Quartz
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