Chalcedony bracelet 6mm

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Chalcedony - Supports body and soul for inner harmony and self-confidence. Strengthens the throat and voice. Ensures expressive communication and provides energy. Helps with lactation.

Chalcedony is a true benefactor for body, mind and soul.

On a physical level, chalcedony supports the thyroid and lymph glands, which can lead to better hormonal balance. The voice also benefits from the powerful energy of chalcedony, as it helps to improve voice quality. It can bring relief from colds and other throat complaints.

Chalcedony balances hormone levels and can help to alleviate severe mood swings. It can help breastfeeding mothers with milk production. It can also fill sluggish or apathetic moods with an urge to move and a zest for life.

Chalcedony not only has an effect on the body, but also on the soul. It helps to balance emotional fluctuations and creates inner harmony. In times of crisis, it can be a source of strength and stability. This healing stone helps to increase self-confidence, which can help shy people to feel more confident in front of crowds and raise their voice. Chalcedony can help overcome speech impediments and unleash the full potential of the voice. It can add a valuable vibration to communication. This gemstone opens the doors of the soul for authentic conversations and expressive communication.

The delicate light blue chalcedony is a loyal companion and supporter for a balanced body and mind. Enjoy the energizing powers of chalcedony for inner harmony and self-confidence. The powerful effects of this healing stone can be found in every life situation as deep inner balance and self-expression.

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Lieferzeit 5-7 days
Colour Colourless, Light blue, Blue
Material Chalcedony
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