Dalmatian jasper bracelet 8mm

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Dalmatian jasper - strengthens an optimistic attitude to life, balances moods and promotes stamina and courage. It supports the cleansing of the aura, detoxifies the body and relieves muscle and joint pain, while it has an invigorating effect on the nervous system and promotes healthy sleep.

Dalmatian jasper, with its cheerful appearance like a Dalmatian, symbolizes harmony and joy. It promotes an optimistic attitude to life, balances out moods and helps to combat cynicism and skepticism. This stone supports you in turning your ideas into reality and pursuing your goals with perseverance. It protects against negative thinking, depression and psychological attacks, while cleansing your aura and transforming negative energies into positive ones. Dalmatian jasper helps you to break down old barriers and recognize your strengths in order to move forward and let go of old burdens. It is also a valuable companion for dog owners and breeders, as it has a calming effect on dogs and alleviates fears of them. On a spiritual level, it deepens the connection to animals and communicates with various chakras, including the earth and solar plexus chakras.

On a physical level, Dalmatian jasper detoxifies the body, supports digestion and the immune system, improves blood circulation and relieves muscle and joint pain. It promotes healthy sleep, dispels nightmares and has an invigorating effect on the nervous system. Its supportive effect on inflammation also makes it attractive for athletes, as it increases stamina and promotes regeneration.

In terms of the psyche, Dalmatian jasper brings cheerfulness and courage to tackle even unpleasant tasks. It promotes inventiveness and supports you in pursuing your goals with vigor, while helping you to see the next step in everyday life with optimism.

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Colour Multicolor, Black, Beige
Material Jasper
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