Emiko Lemon All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate 1L

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Dark, fully organic all-purpose cleaner with effective citrus-based microorganisms. Suitable for household and commercial use. Very economical to use.

Packaging unit: 1L

Ingredients: Water, microorganisms, vinegar, alcohol, citrus oil

Fully organic all-purpose cleaner based on effective microorganisms, vinegar and citrus oil. As a concentrate for household and commercial use. Very economical to use.

The difference to conventional cleaners is that all surfaces are colonized with positive microorganisms during use, which delay re-soiling and naturally prevent germs from spreading.

EMIKO® All-Purpose Cleaner Lemon Dark is a medium to dark brown color. However, because it is usually highly diluted, its color is rarely restrictive for the usual applications.

Standard dosage: 50 ml cleaner and 1 liter of lukewarm water (for mopping, dusting, spray solution for bathroom and kitchen)
Windows, mirrors, glass: 20 ml cleaner and 1 liter of lukewarm water
Odor treatment of rooms: Spray 10 - 20 ml cleaner and 1 liter of lukewarm water in the room.
stubborn incrustations: leave to work in pure (only for acid-resistant surfaces)

Tips: It is helpful to use a spray bottle to prepare the cleaning solution. In order not to damage the effective microorganisms in EMIKO cleaners, the cleaning water must not be warmer than 40°C. Storage: cool and dark. Use quickly after opening.

EM All-Purpose Cleaner was developed as a new type of cleaner based on living, beneficial microorganisms. It also contains vinegar and alcohol for comprehensive dirt removal.

We deliberately combined two different components during product development. On the one hand, the biological, environmentally friendly and naturally disinfecting component and, on the other, an optimum cleaning effect.

We would like to take a closer look at this: EM works on the basis of living, beneficial microorganisms. These microorganisms have the ability to absorb, i.e. eat up, house dust and the like. The pollutants and contaminants we produce are therefore food for these helpful, beneficial microorganisms. However, the food does not only refer to "harmful" substances, but also to all organic waste, such as food residues in kitchens, pantries and refrigerators, frying fats, fecal deposits in toilets, etc. In addition, it has a wastewater-friendly and groundwater-neutral to improving effect by breaking down pollutants.

Odor binding: Another important function is odor binding through the positive, beneficial microorganisms. Today, it is not only private households that have problems with this, but increasingly also companies. Just think of the unpleasant odors from air conditioning systems and toilets and greasy smells in kitchens.

Optimum cleaning effect: In addition to the useful properties of the microorganisms, we have added the optimum cleaning effect as a second component. This optimum cleaning effect is achieved by combining the microorganisms, which do the important preliminary work, so to speak, with vinegar and alcohol, so that old and stubborn deposits are dissolved.
The longer the maturing process, i.e. the longer the microorganisms remain here, the more biological, purer and healthier the results.

A wide range of applications: Floor cleaning, dissolving old floor polish residues - Old and fresh grease deposits on kitchen furniture - Burnt-on food in pots and on stoves - Fish, Nicotine deposits on walls - Foul-smelling sinks - Foul-smelling toilets - Foul-smelling exhaust air ducts - Floor drains - Car washes and interior and exterior car cleaning - Everywhere where a lot of scrubbing work had to be invested in the past or where solvents or disinfectants were mainly used.

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