Hawk eye bracelet 8mm

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Hawk Eye - strengthens intuition, perception and discernment, promotes financial abundance, creative flow and luck in new endeavors, supports spiritual journeys, healing of the body and protection from negative energies.

Hawk's Eye, also known as Blue Tiger's Eye, is a remarkable gemstone that helps you see worldly perspectives like a hawk itself and balance your intuition. It is deeply connected to the third eye chakra and the throat chakra, making it a powerful companion in strengthening your intuition. This connection enables you to distinguish truth from lies and offers protection when traveling, especially air travel, as well as when embarking on new ventures. The hawk's eye protects you from future untruths and misfortune and is a reliable helper in times of change.

This gemstone brings good luck and drives your soul to adopt the right attitude towards life. In shamanic practices, the hawk's eye is often used to assist with astral travel and to guide you through spiritual challenges. It teaches you to understand life and embrace change rather than fight against it. The hawk's eye helps you not to hold on to old patterns, but to welcome new phases of life with a positive attitude and to embrace them.

The hawk's eye is also known as the stone of luck. If you want to improve your financial flow, this stone can be a valuable partner, especially for entrepreneurs starting a new business or project. It is also helpful in overcoming creative blocks and can release your artistic and innovative energies. The hawk's eye also ensures peaceful sleep and protects against nightmares.

On a physical level, the hawk's eye has a healing effect on the internal organs and reproductive organs and strengthens cells, bones and muscles. It helps with back pain, asthma, throat and nose problems, lowers blood pressure and helps with stomach problems and broken bones. It also balances the blood count, cleanses your aura and helps with depression.

The hawk's eye resonates strongly with the element of air, especially the aspects of smoke and wind. This connection brings clarity and movement into your life, helping you to set out on your path and master life's challenges with ease and grace.

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