Yellow jasper necklace 8mm

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Yellow Jasper - For vitality, emotional balance and increased zest for life. Facilitates weight loss and gives determination. A stone that supports you in any situation in life.

Self-confident, elegant and powerful - Yellow Jasper Necklace supports your vitality, inner strength and emotional balance. It gives you a new dynamism that supports you in any situation in life. The light yellow jasper gemstones have an uplifting effect and give you a zest for life.

Its vitalizing effect brings fresh energy and joie de vivre into your everyday life. Stress and apathy lose their terror, as the Yellow Jasper protects against rash decisions. It strengthens your inner serenity and promotes your success.

With this necklace you improve your memory and sharpen your mental abilities. Your determination will be strengthened and you will pursue your dreams with determination and purpose. But not only in thinking and acting, also on an emotional level the yellow jasper unfolds its effect. Inner contentment and balance are promoted, while at the same time it strengthens your assertiveness. Lack of will gives way to determination, and you will find that you develop and pursue clear desires and needs.

The Yellow Jasper Necklace supports your physical and mental well-being, and the healing energy of this gemstone lovingly envelops and enlivens your senses. Yellow Jasper can positively influence your aura and accompany you on your life's journey. Jasper supports the functions of the liver, gall bladder and kidneys.

Water retention in the tissues, such as heavy legs, is steadily reduced. The stone is effective against nausea, flatulence and also against excessive fullness. Jasper facilitates weight loss and can be a good supporter of diets and dietary changes. It also gently relieves and decramps menstrual pain. Digestive organs such as stomach and intestines and also the immune system are strengthened.

We also offer the option to lovingly gift wrap your purchased item. If you would like this option, just let us know your ideas. We are also happy to send the gift directly to the recipient.

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Colour Honey yellow, Yellow
Material Yellow jasper, Jasper, Silver
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