Hematite unloading stones 250g

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about 250g hematite tumbled stones for unloading other gemstones.

about 250g hematite tumbled stones for unloading other gemstones.

The hematite stones are very pure, high quality and have no unsightly oxidation. These hematite mini tumbled stones have a diameter of 7-10 mm. Hematite is said to have the property of erasing clinging and negative energies of gemstones, thus discharging them.

You can discharge and clean most types of gemstones with hematite tumbled stones.
Please note that the hematite tumbled stones should not come into contact with water, because hematite rusts due to its iron content.

Place your gemstones on the hematite tumbled stones overnight to discharge them and the next day place them in a bowl of rock crystal tumbled stones to charge them.

Likewise, you can place your gemstones in an Amethyst Druse overnight. Other gemstones love to be discharged and regenerated on Selenite.

Also, you can discharge your jewelry under cold running water for 2-3 minutes. Then dry completely and then place in a bowl with Hematite tumbled stones overnight.

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Lieferzeit 5 days
Colour Black, Grey
Material Hematite
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