Heliotrope bracelet 6mm

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Heliotrope - Gives vitality and balance. Strengthens mental stability and concentration. Protects against nightmares and reduces nervousness and aggression.

According to Greek mythology, the heliotrope connected the gods with people and the earth. Even in ancient Egypt, it was considered a powerful protective stone. Heliotrope is created by the drying out of silicic acid, during which iron oxide is trapped, which is recognizable as red dots. According to Hildegard von Bingen, the red inclusions in heliotrope originated from the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

The heliotrope gives vitality and balance. It has a rejuvenating effect on the body and purifies the aura. The gemstone promotes concentration, strengthens tiredness and supports clear decisions. It protects against nightmares, stimulates dream activity and calms the mind. Nervousness and aggression are reduced to create a new serenity in the flow of life. Heliotrope strengthens the immune system in acute infections and supports detoxification and cures. It helps to maintain control and helps to withstand undesirable influences.

Heliotrope is particularly effective for people with the zodiac signs Virgo or Libra. It is associated with the heart chakra and symbolizes the element of air.

The heliotrope is charged in sunlight or by placing it in rock crystals. It is discharged with hematite.

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Colour Green, Dark green
Material Heliotrope
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