Light green jade angel 7.5cm

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Jade - A mystical healing stone for inner peace, love and harmony. Supports sleep, digestion and the gall bladder. Has a calming and encouraging effect.

Jade is a particularly significant and mystical healing stone that ensures harmony and balance in your life.

The effect of jade on the human soul is unique. This stone not only gives its wearer a zest for life, joy and openness, but also helps them to calm down and pause for a moment. Jade has a balancing effect on all the senses and promotes self-knowledge and the realization of one's own goals. It frees you from prejudices and strengthens your sense of justice.

The inner balance and calmness that you receive from jade helps to promote love, as the harmony you achieve often radiates to those around you. This healing stone promotes mental agility, strengthens courage and personality, and can relieve fears and anxiety.

Jade can relieve pain in kidney diseases and strengthen the kidneys. It can also speed up the recovery process for heart and circulatory problems. Jade is said to reduce the risk of accidents and increase fertility. It also has a strong harmonizing effect on the mood. It spreads gentleness and relieves fever and insomnia.

Jade strengthens the immune system, promotes digestion and leaves a feeling of freshness and mental clarity. These amazing healing stones keep nightmares at bay, encourage creative dream design and interpretation and help you to self-actualize. Placing the stone on your forehead before going to bed can help you fall asleep.

Jade can alleviate acute or chronic inflammation of the gallbladder and help with gall-related complaints such as gallstone disease and gallstones. Jade can stimulate the liver and thus prevent the formation of gallstones. It promotes the migration of stones and can also help with problems such as kava compression syndrome, water retention and varicose veins during pregnancy.

Jade gemstones open up a world of hope and belief in a just world where suffering is avoided. This healing stone can harmonize the vibrating energies of the body. Tensions are released and a new level of serenity is achieved. In personal crises and moments of inner turmoil, the power of the healing stone provides inner peace. Jade can also help to support relationships in times of crisis and reconcile conflicting feelings.

Jade has a particularly strong effect on the zodiac signs Cancer and Libra. Cancer and Libra in particular receive confidence, harmony, security, vitality, joie de vivre, protection and strength. But jade is also a powerful companion for the zodiac signs Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces. It inspires people of these zodiac signs and provides stability, mindfulness and lasting peace.

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Material Jade
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