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Herne herbal tea supports the heart and nerves. The tea has a calming and stress-relieving effect. It can be helpful for nervousness and sleep disorders.

Packaging unit: 50g loose tea

Herne tea has a calming effect on the heart and nerves and can be drunk daily. The tea has a calming, balancing and stress-relieving effect. Drunk in the evening, it ensures a restful sleep.

Herne herbal tea is made from a variety of valuable herbs of predominantly pharmacopoeia quality. The medicinal herbs it contains create a soothing sensation and ensure that you can face your everyday life in a calm and relaxed manner. The tea can also be helpful for children and students with exam nerves or school stress.

Ingredients: lemon balm leaves, ginkgo biloba leaves, ground ivy, bedstraw, rosemary, yarrow, hollow tooth herb.

Preparation: brew 2 heaped tablespoons of tea with 1 liter of boiling water (100°C). leave to infuse for 5 - 10 minutes. Strain and enjoy.

Recommendation: Drink 1 liter of tea throughout the day.

SonnenMoor teas are pure herbal teas, free from chemical additives and flavorings. The coarse cut of the loose teas ensures that the aromas and essential oils are fully preserved.

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