Sky blue topaz necklace faceted 7.2mm 585 white gold

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Unique sky blue topaz necklace with 585 white gold solid magnetic clasp, timeless elegant, promotes self-confidence, creativity and inner peace. Shine with this gemstone necklace!

Precious sky blue topaz necklace with 585 white gold magnetic clasp, approx. 45.5cm long.

This delicately sparkling necklace of precious blue topaz presents itself particularly delicately and exudes a timeless elegance. Each individual stone has been intricately hand-cut into the finest facets, making the necklace seem to literally dance with every movement. A play of light and colors that enchants the senses.

The radiantly fine sky blue 7.2 mm topaz gemstones are undoubtedly a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication. The interplay of these beautiful gemstones, combined with the 585 white gold magnetic clasp, creates a stunning piece of jewelry of unparalleled beauty. The blue topaz, is among the most precious gemstones. This necklace embodies the combination of timeless beauty and superior craftsmanship.

The sky blue topaz is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a stone with remarkable healing properties. Its presence on the neck not only lends a certain grace, but also brings inner peace and mental activity into harmony. The combination of relaxation and mental activity is like a gift for the soul.

With blue topaz, the brain can fully develop its creative potential, which can lead to inspired ideas and extraordinary projects. This gemstone gives its wearer increased self-confidence and encourages them to make important life decisions and strive for greater happiness in relationships.

Blue topaz's ability to enhance communication is particularly noteworthy. In relationships, self-expression is crucial, and this gemstone assists in sharing feelings and thoughts in a clear and loving way. It helps to both listen and express, and promotes harmonious interaction between partners.

In addition, blue topaz has the amazing ability to soothe mood swings and ease anxiety in love. It balances emotions and helps prevent extremes. With this gemstone, you can develop a healthier and more positive outlook on life and align with your higher self.

Topaz gemstones are a source of inspiration and help develop creative talents. New ways of thinking and the creative side of the mind are revealed. The sparkling topaz crystals reveal access to the spiritual plane and inner happiness, facilitate to look at the world with positive view, which creates the basis for outstanding creative achievements.

Blue topaz supports you to live your life according to your own ideas and to pay attention to your own needs. This gemstone is also a protective stone that can protect you from negative energies and fears. It gives wisdom, mental clarity and boosts self-confidence.

Wear this exquisite necklace with sky blue topaz gemstones with pride and joy. It not only highlights your outer beauty, but also your inner radiance. Lovingly, the topaz crystals will accompany your spiritual journey with joy and confidence. This piece of jewelry is more than just an accessory, it is a symbol of inner peace and personal growth.

When night falls and artificial light illuminates the scene, this necklace becomes the true queen of the evening. The faceted stones shine in all their glory, literally competing with the sparkling eyes of their wearer. A sight that draws admiring glances and turns the evening into a sparkling fairy tale.

If you would like a certificate of authent icity, the jeweler will provide a certificate of authenticity upon request for 179,-Fr.

We also offer a gift wrapping option to lovingly present your purchased item. If you want this option, just let us know your ideas, we will send your gift directly to the recipient if you wish.

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