Carnelian rough stones 150g

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Carnelian rough stones approx. 150g

Carnelian - gemstone of vitality and drive. Supports the health of the metabolism, blood and immune system.

Carnelian rough stones approx. 150g

Carnelian is a gemstone that brings concentration and realism into our lives. It gives us joie de vivre, courage and drive, and helps us to overcome difficulties and balance imbalances. Carnelian is a valuable companion, especially for feelings of loneliness.

Carnelian has a variety of effects on a physical level. It relieves headaches, coughs and fever, strengthens the circulation and stimulates the immune system. Carnelian is recommended for digestive problems, abdominal complaints, liver and bile problems and metabolic disorders.

It supports detoxification and has a warming effect on cold feet and hands. Carnelian is also used to treat nosebleeds, bleeding gums and periodontal disease. Its purifying effect on the blood is particularly well known.

Overall, carnelian has stimulating and harmonizing qualities and promotes general well-being.

Place the rough stones indirectly around your water jug to transfer their vibration to the water. Never place these stones directly in your drinking water to recharge them, as unwanted toxic substances and large amounts of iron may be released.

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Colour Auburn, Orange
Material Carnelian
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