Kunzite A-quality bracelet 8mm

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Kunzite - strengthens empathy, promotes clear communication and opens the heart to unconditional love. Its calming energy helps to release emotional blockages and heal inner wounds, especially in people who have shut themselves off from life in order to protect themselves emotionally.

Kunzite strengthens self-confidence and promotes inner peace by releasing emotional blockages and improving memory. It teaches devotion, humility and a willingness to serve, while helping us to fulfill tasks with dedication. With its calming effect, kunzite helps to reduce stress, overcome inhibitions and alleviate depression. It also promotes love, tolerance and empathy, while supporting emotional healing and encouraging us to develop our full potential.

Kunzite is not only a symbol of innocence and purity, but also a powerful healer for people of all ages and walks of life. It helps to heal emotional wounds by encouraging us to overcome old barriers and embrace unconditional love. Its calming energy supports us in letting go of negative emotions and creating a space for inner peace and self-love. By promoting communication and trust, kunzite can also help to heal relationships and lead a fulfilling and harmonious life.

People with the zodiac signs Scorpio or Taurus in particular benefit from the calming and balancing energy of kunzite. For Scorpios, who often experience intense emotions, kunzite can help regulate these emotions and heal relationships that have been strained by quick emotional outbursts. Taurus, on the other hand, known for their determination and stubbornness, can benefit from kunzite by softening their hard edges a little and allowing them to look at situations from a different angle.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Pink, Violet
Material Kunzite
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