Larimar necklace 6mm

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Larimar - strengthens the connection to the higher self and promotes inner wisdom and spiritual growth. Its healing energy supports emotional healing, promotes calm and clarity as well as physical vitality and flexibility.

Larimar, a blue variety of pectolite, is found exclusively in the Dominican Republic. Its beautiful color is reminiscent of the crystal clear blue oceans that surround the tropical Caribbean island where it originates.

Larimar unites the physical with the non-physical and enlightens on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It promotes the connection between our true self and the higher self, supports our core values and enables access to our inner wisdom.

Larimar's healing effect on the psyche includes mental and spiritual development, liberation from the victim mentality, opening up new perspectives and conveying a feeling of expansiveness. It also stimulates intuition and inspiration for self-realization and helps with lack of drive. Larimar also helps to heal negative karmic energies.

Larimar helps to bring balance to life, strengthens protection against negative energies and defends against evil influences. It promotes calm, inner serenity, communication, love and creativity. Larimar supports self-expression and the development of personal power, helps to process feelings of guilt and anxiety and promotes healing in relationships.

On a physical level, it contributes to stress reduction, promotes self-healing powers, stimulates brain activity and has positive effects on the skeletal system, muscles and joints. Larimar facilitates concentration, promotes self-reflection and alleviates various complaints in the head, neck and chest area.

Larimar is associated with the throat chakra, heart chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. Water element.

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Colour Light blue, Turquoise, Blue
Material Larimar, Silver
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