Lepidolite rough stones flaky 150g-200g

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Lepidolite rough stones scaly approx. 150g-200g

Lepidolite - mauve-colored mica schist, promotes self-discipline & inner peace. Relieves skin & nerve pain. Protection for sensitive people.

Lepidolite rough stones scaly approx. 150g-200g

The mauve-colored, shiny, scaly mica schist called lepidolite provides self-discipline, special protection for sensitive people and true inner peace.

It alleviates skin, nerve and joint pain, relieves the connective tissue of hyperacidity and promotes deep, calm relaxation, thereby alleviating sleep disorders.

Depressive and melancholic moods are alleviated by these beautiful semi-precious stones. The calmness ensures a better night's sleep, while the stomach, intestines and endocrine system enjoy inner peace.

The liver is also protected by the stones, and psoriasis caused by nervous moods can be calmed. Lepidolite also acts as an embracing protection against energy robbers.

Place the rough stones indirectly around your water jug to transfer their vibration to the water.

To discharge the stones, they should be cleaned under running water or placed dry on hematite stones.

Sunbathing and placing the stones in a group of rock crystals is recommended to recharge them.

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Colour Grey, White
Material Lepidolite
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