Magnesite bracelet 8mm

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Magnesite - Strengthens bones, regulates circulation, alleviates digestive problems. Spiritually, it promotes wisdom and sensitivity. Elegant healing stone jewelry.

This white magnesite bracelet with 8mm gemstones is a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry and a versatile healing stone that can have numerous positive effects on the body, mind and soul.

Due to its high magnesium content, magnesite has a particularly supportive effect on the bone structure. It strengthens the bones and the health of the musculoskeletal system. Magnesite also has positive effects on the circulation. It can help to regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol. This contributes to general heart health and prevents deposits in the veins.

Magnesite is also valued for its beneficial effects on the stomach and digestive tract. It can help to regulate digestion and alleviate complaints such as heartburn. Magnesite can also serve as a supportive element in a sensible diet and help to overcome eating disorders.

The dehydrating effect of magnesite can be beneficial in cleansing the blood and preventing gallstones and kidney stones. It is also said to help prevent varicose veins.

On a spiritual level, magnesite is associated with the solar plexus chakra. This is about inner wisdom and the question of why we take refuge in habits that are harmful to us. Magnesite can help us to develop a deeper understanding of our behavioral patterns.

Magnesite also promotes listening and sensitivity in interpersonal relationships. It can help to become more sensitive and responsive to other people's needs.

We also offer the option of lovingly gift-wrapping your purchased item. If you would like this option, simply let us know what you have in mind. We will also be happy to send the gift directly to the recipient.

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Colour Grey, White
Material Magnesite
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