Moss agate rough stones 150g

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Moss agate rough stones approx. 150g

Release blockages, activate metabolism. Stimulate kidneys, bladder, intestines. Self-confidence, serenity, happiness.

Moss agate rough stones approx. 150g

Moss agate is known as a wealth stone that promotes inventiveness and the beauty of one's own being. Moss agate particularly stimulates the kidneys, bladder and intestines, activates the metabolism and is suitable for direct contact with water.

The pancreas and the immune system can also benefit from it. The blood sugar level is balanced and metabolic diseases such as diabetes can be prevented and alleviated.

The filtering properties of the kidneys, spleen and lymphatic system are strengthened, waste products are better excreted and the body's water balance is better regulated. The stones help the body to harmonize itself against viruses, infections, sore throats, voice problems and fungi.

Self-assurance, self-confidence and mental stability make it easier to let go of hidden emotions and grief. Serenity and happiness can be rediscovered. The heart chakra and solar plexus spleen chakra are activated by moss agate.

Place the rough stones indirectly around your water jug to transfer their vibration to the water.

To discharge the stones, they should be cleaned under lukewarm running water. If necessary, they can also be gently cleaned with a brush.

To recharge them, we recommend sunbathing once a month and placing the stones in a group of rock crystals.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Green, Dark green
Material Moss Agate
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