Peridot tumbled stone bracelet

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Peridot - the protective companion, releases anger, envy and self-centeredness. Harmonizes Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac signs. Lighter life, surprising warmth by letting go of remorse.

Peridot, an extraordinary crystal, teaches us to control our emotions and to look at our heart's issues with clarity and love. It is the healer of hurt feelings, soothing the anger, jealousy, resentment and malice within us, while teaching us that holding on to people or the past can get in the way of our own growth.

Peridot, often seen as a symbol of spring and youthfulness, offers not only aesthetic splendor, but also a rich history as a healing stone. For centuries it has been used to soothe liver ailments, dry tears and provide relief from insomnia, nervousness and heart problems.

This bracelet reminds us that spring is dawning in our lives after the cold and darkness of winter have passed. It encourages us to free ourselves from external influences, accept mistakes and forgive ourselves. It gives us the strength to realize our dreams and to draw wisdom from the experiences of our past.

The wise nun Hildegard von Bingen recognized the life-giving power of gemstones and wrote about chrysolite. Similarly, peridot can strengthen our knowledge, free our hearts from grief and purify them.

This extraordinary crystal has the unique ability to transform negative emotions such as selfishness, envy and heartlessness into positivity. It not only strengthens our relationships with others, but also helps to dissolve anger, resentment, pain and remorse. It enables us to admit our mistakes and make amends for them. Peridot leads us to inner balance and a more optimistic attitude towards life. It can even bring relief from depression and melancholy.

Peridot is also a protective stone that wards off the evil eye. It promotes inner peace, supports the eyes, liver, blood formation and the immune system. In obstetrics, it can promote labor activity and improve sociability, tolerance, energy and the ability to learn on a spiritual level. As a friendship stone, it strengthens love between couples.

The green crystals harmonize the mind, especially for people with the zodiac signs Pisces or Sagittarius. Interpersonal contacts experience a renaissance and life feels easier. Those who are prepared to let go of remorse will be surprised with warmth.

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Colour Lime green, Green, Light green
Material Peridot
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