Phosphosiderite bracelet 6mm

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Phosphosiderite - strengthens the heart chakra, promotes inner peace and balance, supports emotional stability and helps to reduce stress. Increases concentration and creativity, promotes good sleep and improves circulation.

Phosphosiderite, a fascinating gemstone that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has an amazing effect on our vitality. This stone is often referred to as an "energy booster" and can help us to increase our inner strength and vitality. Phosphosiderite's effect on life force is closely linked to its influence on the heart chakra, which represents self-awareness and emotional control. By activating this energy center, the stone can help to harmonize our emotions and give us a sense of inner peace and balance.

In addition, phosphosiderite has a calming effect on our mind by helping to reduce stress and release negative thoughts. It promotes inner clarity and serenity and enables us to cope with our everyday lives with greater ease. Phosphosiderite can also provide physical benefits by strengthening the immune system and can even prevent respiratory infections. It has positive effects on organs such as the liver, heart and thyroid and can reduce fever and improve circulation.

On an emotional level, phosphosiderite provides stability, helps to cope with negative emotions such as stress and anxiety, and promotes joy and self-confidence. It is of great benefit to choleric people as it promotes relaxation and calmness. The stone is also said to increase concentration and creativity and has calming properties that can lead to a better quality of sleep. In addition, phosphosiderite combines well with other gemstones and is mainly associated with the zodiac signs Taurus and Cancer.

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Colour Violet
Material Phosphosiderite
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