Pietersite pendant drilled

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Pietersite, a fascinating gemstone, releases anxiety, promotes higher consciousness, and offers calm in stressful times.

Pietersite is an unusual gemstone that is a mixture of colorful jasper, tiger's eye and hawk's eye. It has the ability to dissolve fears, worries, illusions and disagreements and offers a simple solution. In addition, pietersite opens the way to higher levels of consciousness, allowing you to receive the keys to understanding.

Pietersite is especially helpful in keeping track of things during hectic and demanding phases of life. It lovingly takes the lead in preventing stress and overload. In extreme situations, such as deaths, environmental disasters, or health problems, the Pietersite can give you serenity, inner peace, and even wisdom to make appropriate decisions.

In addition, pietersite harmonizes the pituitary and endocrine glands, relieves nervous heart conditions, and promotes stability. When blood pressure is low, it promotes balance, increases alertness and strengthens the nervous system. It stimulates and balances all the chakras.

Wear this pietersite pendant with confidence as your faithful companion, helping you to overcome seemingly hopeless life situations with courage and perseverance. Additionally, it can support the Triple Warmer meridian, which can have a positive effect on sexuality and temperature sensation.

Clean Pietersite under running water.
Charge with rock crystal.

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Colour Brown
Material Pietersite
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