Ruby rough stones 150g

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Ruby rough stones approx. 150g

Ruby, the stone of love and guidance, gives harmony and courage. Protects against malice, increases awareness, promotes endurance and fertility.

Ruby rough stones approx. 150g

Ruby, the stone of love and faithful partnership, gives us spiritual harmony, courage and integrity and keeps us strong through its powerful, moderate energy and generosity.

It strengthens leadership talents and gives us a high level of concentration. Ruby protects against malice and mischief. It helps to balance hyperactivity and promotes increased awareness.

Ruby alleviates menopausal symptoms and promotes inspired sexuality. It also motivates more stamina and strengthens fertility. Ruby is a gemstone full of power and prosperity. Element fire, root chakra.

Place the rough stones indirectly around your water jug to transfer their vibration to the water.

To discharge the stones, they should be cleaned under running water Under running water. Sunbathing is recommended to recharge them.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Red, Magenta
Material Ruby
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