Sapphire necklace faceted lenses 3mm

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Sapphire - strengthens spiritual devotion, promotes spiritual healing and supports communication with the higher self. It manifests spiritual knowledge, promotes patience and trust and supports the inhibition of inflammation and the healing of tumors.

The sapphire embodies sagacity, spiritual power and celestial wisdom, which cleanses the mind of negativity and promotes spiritual devotion, communication and clarity. It protects against external influences and strengthens inner understanding and connections to one's own wisdom. Sapphire helps to realize material dreams and maintain balanced perspectives, while calming the mind and enabling deeper meditation. It clears mental baggage and empowers you to be an observer of your own destiny. In addition, sapphire attracts luck and prosperity and promotes spiritual knowledge for higher realms of consciousness.

The blue sapphire, which is associated with the planet Saturn and corresponds to the element of water, promotes patience, trust, courage and mental clarity, while strengthening concentration and supporting prophetic wisdom and astral travel. It is particularly fast and effective in its action and helps to develop self-discipline.

On a physical level, sapphire has an anti-inflammatory effect, supports the healing of tumors and blood disorders, strengthens veins and regulates glands and body systems. It alleviates a variety of complaints such as eye problems, inflammation, headaches, skin diseases, rheumatism and chronic pain.

This necklace with blue and white sapphire offers different chakra assignments and effects. While the blue sapphire resonates with the third eye chakra and promotes psychic awakening and removes negative energies within the aura, the white sapphire works on the crown chakra and offers strong protection, clears obstacles out of the way and supports focus and moral judgment.

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Colour Multicolor, Blue, Dark blue, Black
Material Sapphire
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