Snowflakes obsidian rough stones 150g

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Snowflake obsidian rough stones approx. 150g

Snowflake obsidian strengthens the immune system, releases blockages, promotes self-confidence and blood circulation. Protective power for experiences of violence.

Snowflake obsidian rough stones approx. 150g

Snowflake obsidian has healing properties for the immune system and protects against negative energies. It strengthens self-confidence, inner balance, promotes blood circulation and helps to heal wounds.

It promotes a sense of reality and brings light back into our everyday lives. Protects us from false friends, upcoming dangers, negative influences and black magic. Snowflake obsidian also protects us from the negative influences of other people and allows us to face problems more calmly.

Snowflake obsidian dissolves old belief patterns and brings forgotten talents to light. It supports clairvoyance and dissolves mental and physical blockages. Especially for women who have experienced violence, it can offer strong protective power as a piece of jewelry and allow them to forget these experiences more quickly psychologically.

Place the rough stones indirectly around your water jug to transfer their vibration to the water.

Please note that mahogany and snowflake obsidian should not be used together. Enjoy the wonderful properties of these stones.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Black, Grey
Material Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian
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