Faceted sodalite bracelet 6mm

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Sodalite - For inner harmony, self-expression and strengthened self-confidence. Helps with emotional fluctuations and ingrained patterns of behavior. A stone of calm and serenity.

This simple blue sodalite bracelet accompanies you on a journey to inner harmony and balance. Its beautiful, deep blue design reflects calm and serenity.

Sodalite uniquely supports communication and self-expression, helping you to express your thoughts and feelings more clearly. This necklace can help to overcome fears and insecurities, leading to increased self-confidence. It also promotes creativity and inspiration, which is particularly beneficial for artistic people.

Sodalite is also considered a stone of friendship and inner peace. It can strengthen the immune system, relieve inflammation and support wound healing. Sodalite promotes emotional stability, courage and emotional balance. It helps you to remain steadfast in unpleasant situations and conflicts.

In terms of health, sodalite can have a fever-reducing effect, stimulate the metabolism and strengthen the lymphatic system. It balances out emotional fluctuations and insecurities, supports self-discovery and the search for new perspectives. This stone frees you from blockages, feelings of guilt and ingrained patterns of behavior.

Sodalite also promotes cell metabolism and blood circulation, helps to reduce high blood pressure and strengthens the physical constitution. It increases creativity, inspiration, stamina and motivation. The use of this necklace can lead to increased awareness, heightened idealism and an increased striving for truth.

This stone can help you to overcome unpleasant health problems such as hoarseness, loss of voice, fever, obesity and high blood pressure. It gives you stamina, courage and increased self-confidence. Sodalite helps you to consistently uphold your own convictions, persistently pursue your goals and find inner balance.

In addition to all these amazing properties, sodalite is a primary stone for the zodiac sign Sagittarius and a secondary stone for Cancer.

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Colour Blue, Dark blue
Material Sodalite
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