Tiger's eye power bracelet 8mm

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Tiger's eye - friendship and relationship stone. Activates metabolism, relieves pain, regulates hormones. Supports courage and interpersonal relationships.

Tiger's eye, often referred to as the "stone of freedom", harbors a remarkable energy. It acts as a guide in your life, especially when important decisions need to be made. Tiger's eye helps you to make the right choice from a sea of possibilities. It provides mental and emotional clarity, giving you powerful self-confidence and the courage needed to make important life decisions. Among other things, it gives you the grounding you need to achieve your goals. It also offers protection from negative energies and attacks on your personality.

Tiger's eye is also well suited to artists and writers, as it helps to release creative blockages. As a 'stone of freedom', it frees you from fears and restrictive thought patterns, allowing your creativity to flow freely and new ideas to emerge. This gemstone is particularly useful for people with great creative potential who sometimes find it difficult to put it into practice. It is therefore particularly recommended for introverts who need a gentle nudge to develop their full potential.

Tiger's eye is also known as an eye stone as it can improve vision, both literally and metaphorically. In addition, tiger's eye is used for respiratory and bronchial problems. It can provide relief from ailments such as asthma and bronchitis.

The calming influence of tiger's eye extends to physical ailments such as joint and back pain and rheumatism. The stone can also provide relief for bruises and sprains. To harness this healing energy, it is recommended to carry the tiger's eye in your pocket as a hand flatterer and to place it during meditation.

Tiger's eye reveals itself on a spiritual and mental level, like a compass that shows you the way in times of confusion or doubt. It is said that tiger's eye creates order in chaos and helps to bring balance and harmony back into life. It protects you from stress, overwork and the threat of burnout, strengthens your ability to concentrate, sharpens your mind and promotes healthy self-awareness. Worn as a bracelet, tiger's eye lends optimism and confidence.

Tiger's eye is an excellent stone for strengthening your willpower, preparing for important appearances and promoting professional success. This gemstone can also help to increase your emotional stability and energy levels. It is particularly helpful for lifestyle changes and health routines. It reduces cravings for unhealthy habits and anxieties that result from feelings of isolation and inadequacy. Tiger's eye encourages perseverance and persistence, neutralizes negative energies and supports courage and vitality.

Tiger's eye symbolizes the Chinese element earth and acts on the stomach meridian. It brings stability and grounding into your life and supports you in overcoming fears. Meridians of the neck or the front of the hips can be stimulated with tiger's eye.

With all these wonderful properties, this tiger's eye bracelet is a stunning accessory and a faithful protector.

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