Tourmaline bracelet 6mm

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The Tourmaline Bracelet - Colorful protection and renewal. Humorously invigorating, it surrounds its wearer with serenity, keeps negativity away and reduces anxiety. The auspicious energy protects against heart problems, promotes the flow of energy in the body and gives self-confidence. Helpful in many aspects - from emotional balance to weight management. A precious accessory with valuable meaning.

Tourmaline crystal bracelet

The humorously invigorating tourmaline bracelet in many colors, lovingly embraces its wearer with serenity and protection in being here. Tourmalines redeem and hold off negative energies, thereby reducing anxiety and stress. This promotes renewal in all areas of life. Its auspicious energy supportive helpful as protection against stroke or heart attack.oxygen deficiency, arteries and veins can release deposits, in heart and immune weakness, the tourmaline also shows itself to be useful. Our thousands of light meridians flow more freely, deficiency symptoms, scars interference fields or poisoning, the body masters with the tourmaline healing stone easier. The Tourmaline crystals dispel dark influences in many levels, loosen stuck life situations and feelings of guilt and give the gift of self-confidence and a beautiful harmonious radiance. The slimming

the colorful tourmalines support weight loss, because excess fat is digested better and even the water balance can be reorganized and optimized. The healing stone science writes, however, tourmalines can have a preventive effect against cancer or accompany the psyche from emotional entanglements into balance.

Tourmalines belong to the precious gemstones by their great popularity, their value is constantly increasing.

Tourmaline bracelets ca 19 cm 10g

if you are interested, we will be happy to make you a larger size, the price remains the same.

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Colour Multicolor
Material Tourmaline
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