Vesuvianite bracelet platelets 6mm

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Vesuvianite - strengthens spiritual growth, promotes courage and enthusiasm, overcomes fears and depression. Supports connection to higher self and understanding of the soul's purpose. Activates healing powers and universal healing energies.

Vesuvianite, a stone full of energy and spiritual meaning, supports spiritual growth and the courage to develop one's true potential. It helps to release fears and blockages and to find enthusiasm for life.

Vesuvianite supports a direct connection to the Higher Self which enables one to understand the soul's purpose in this incarnation and to make changes that are in line with one's true purpose. Vesuvianite carries the healing powers of Kwan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy, and resonates strongly with the solar plexus and heart chakra. Vesuvianite thus aligns the will of the heart and awakens enthusiasm for life.

On a physical level, vesuvianite strengthens people with chronic illnesses, supports the detoxification of the body and promotes overall well-being. On a spiritual and mental level, it purifies the soul, relieves anxiety and supports the development of the true self. It enables a new beginning by giving fresh courage to face life and the strength to change.

Vesuvianite releases negativity and depressive thoughts and promotes unconditional love. Vesuvianite cleanses the body and mind of depression, melancholy and anxiety. It helps to dissolve useless patterns of thought and behavior and to recognize the meaning of life more clearly.

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Colour Green
Material Gold, Vesuvianite
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