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Angelite - strengthens the connection to higher spiritual guides, improves communication and self-expression, relieves anxiety and stress, promotes inner peace and calm, helps to overcome anger and depression, helps with physical ailments such as sore throats and thyroid problems.

Angelite, also known as anhydrite, is a light blue stone that carries the energies of peace and tranquillity. It promotes contact with higher spiritual beings and connects the wearer with angels and spirit guides. Angelite helps to alleviate anxiety and stress as well as eliminate anger and antagonism, and promotes a sense of forgiveness. It enhances abilities such as astral travel, psychic awareness, telepathy and an understanding of astrology.

This stone creates a psychic shield around the wearer and balances physical energies. It is often used to aid communication in the workplace or in relationships by activating the throat chakra. Angelite acts as an emotional healer by alleviating depression and anxiety and providing a deeper understanding of one's experiences. It brings serenity, inner peace and calm and helps to connect with animal guides.

Angelite creates a psychic connection with the universe, the kingdom of angels and spiritual guides, deepening the meditation process and sensory awareness. It supports the wearer in overcoming challenges on the path of life and is particularly effective on the throat chakra, which is responsible for communication and self-expression. A strong throat chakra makes it possible to be self-confident and assertive.

The beneficial effects of angelite are particularly helpful for children who are quick-tempered, anxious or overactive. Angelite not only heals the throat chakra, but also physical ailments such as laryngitis, thyroid problems and sore throats. It dispels anger, renews the connection with universal knowledge and makes it easier to deal with new challenges.

On a physical level, angelite supports the renewal of blood vessels, treats blood deficiency and repairs tissue and ligaments. It helps with ailments of the arms and lungs, has a diuretic effect and supports weight management. It can also be used for infections, cardiovascular problems and headaches. Angelite resonates with the element of air and gives the wearer a feeling of lightness and balance.

Important: This gemstone is a gypsum stone and should not come into contact with water for long periods of time as it would dissolve.

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