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Red tourmaline - strengthens vitality, grounding and the heart chakra, promotes enthusiasm, inspiration and a commitment to the best in life, helps to overcome conflicts, fears and challenges.

Red tourmaline, also known as rubellite, is a powerful stone that is often referred to as the "stone of the perfect heart". It forges a strong connection between the root chakra and the heart chakra, promoting devotional practices that require both grounding and centering in the heart. These qualities make it particularly suitable for healers, doctors, therapists and others who require a deep emotional connection in their work.

Love is seen as a flowing energy that flows in all directions, without restriction. Red tourmaline helps to understand the true nature of love and encourages the willingness to love others as well as oneself unconditionally. It helps to achieve goals without creating new problems and brings strength and vitality to life, especially in hectic and busy times.

Another aspect of red tourmaline is its ability to provide enthusiasm, inspiration and drive. With its help, you can develop a deep connection to the things you do and discover your passion for different areas. It encourages a commitment to the best in life and increases the flow of life energy to give the feeling that almost anything is achievable.

On various levels, red tourmaline has a healing and supportive effect. It nourishes and heals the physical, emotional and spiritual body by relieving pain, worry and anxiety. In combination with pyrite or selenite, it can even help with motion sickness.

Red tourmaline creates a harmonious atmosphere at work or at home and helps to avoid conflicts. It promotes mutual respect and strengthens self-confidence in one's own abilities and knowledge. Financially speaking, it brings pride and dignity to financial matters and helps to achieve goals.

Red tourmaline also has protective properties that protect against negative energies and environmental influences. It is considered a protective stone and can also be used in shamanic journeys to improve perception and provide protection.

Overall, red tourmaline is a stone that encourages facing life's challenges and overcoming emotional barriers. It promotes harmony between the sexes and supports healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Its diverse properties make it a valuable companion on the path to a fulfilled and balanced life.

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Material Rubellite, Silver, Tourmaline
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