Charoite bracelet 8mm

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Charoite - strengthens emotional healing and promotes deep transformation by overcoming fears and compulsions and activating the heart chakra to experience love. Additionally, it supports concentration, grounding and protection from negative influences while facilitating higher states of consciousness.

Charoite is a powerful protective and healing stone that supports deep transformation and physical and emotional healing. It helps to overcome fears, compulsions and frustration while activating the heart chakra and crown chakra to express and receive love. In addition, it promotes concentration, grounding and protection from negative influences, while cleansing the aura and facilitating higher states of consciousness. It is a companion in times of change and promotes clear decision-making and self-realization.

On a physical level, charoite regulates blood pressure, relieves headaches, strengthens the immune system and helps with various complaints such as hearing disorders and insomnia.

Charoite provides the necessary decisiveness to separate important tasks from less important ones and to create order in life. It strengthens resistance to stress and promotes quick powers of observation and hormonal balance.

On a mental and spiritual level, charoite helps to break blockages, increase personal charisma and broaden horizons so that people can reorganize their lives and reinvent themselves.

Charoite can serve as a balancing stone for people with the zodiac sign Virgo.

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Colour Violet
Material Charoite
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