Chrysoprase bracelet 8mm

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Chrysoprase - gives peace and security, promotes inner strength, courage, healing and balance, supports the resolution of relationship problems and the manifestation of wealth. Protects against negative energies, helps with menstrual problems, improves the skin and supports emotional stability and mental well-being.

Chrysoprase stands for protection, healing, receptivity and financial prosperity. This gemstone forms an effective shield against negative energies and promotes joy and balance in your life. It stimulates your imagination and teaches compassion, generosity, courage and understanding. With Chrysoprase you experience the adventures of life and are encouraged to take action to reap success and happiness. It supports friendships and helps you to recognize the causes of problems and conflicts.

Chrysoprase provides a balance between the conscious and unconscious mind and activates the heart chakra. It balances masculine and feminine energies and strengthens your inner power. If you are prone to greed, selfishness and carelessness, it helps you to shed these negative traits.

The green gemstone provides peace, security and trust, offers new ways of thinking and gives hope. It helps to master new paths in life with foresight and provides support in times of grief, the resolution of negative thoughts and the processing of burdensome pasts. In relationships, Chrysoprase promotes fidelity, reduces jealousy and helps to resolve relationship problems. It can also be helpful for insomnia and nightmares.

Chrysoprase is particularly useful for people who find themselves in an emotional rollercoaster. The ancient Greeks were already aware of its ability to balance tensions between soul and mind. The healing stone helps people to find inner serenity and feel at ease in their bodies again. It has a special effect on the connective tissue and the skin, strengthening and softening it and, by cleansing the skin, opening the pores to the many sensual impressions of the world. This has a positive effect on mental well-being and emotional stability. Chrysoprase promotes the healing of the skin, prevents unsightly scarring and helps with menstrual cramps and prostate problems. Its smoothing effect on the skin also makes it useful for combating wrinkles.

Worn in the purse, chrysoprase attracts wealth and supports the manifestation of abundance, harmony and contentment. On a physical level, it helps with restlessness, broken hearts and irritability, stops the flow of blood to wounds, strengthens the eyes and relieves pain from rheumatism and gout. Chrysoprase corresponds with the element earth and promotes the balance between soul and mind, leading to inner serenity and well-being.

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Colour Green, Light green
Material Chrysoprase
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