Variscit bracelet 8mm

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Variscit - invigorates the mind, promotes a positive outlook on life and supports self-acceptance and rational thinking. It helps to cope with stress and promotes serenity, happiness and prosperity.

Variscite, also known as utahlite, is a stone with calming energy, ideal for meditation. It carries earth energy and promotes peace, harmony and serenity. Variscite supports personal power and love, gives courage and success. As a prosperity stone, it attracts success and happiness and promotes helpful relationships. It opens the way for the development of self-acceptance and calms the mind for higher states of thought. Variscite harmonizes the heart chakra, the solar plexus and the thymus gland. Variscit corresponds with the elements earth and water.

Variscit moves from despair to hope and supports financial stability. It helps to break unwanted habits and reduces nervousness. At the same time, it refreshes and lifts the mood, promotes rational thinking and alleviates grief. Variscit is a powerful pick-me-up. It provides invigorating strength, combats tiredness and helps with trembling and restlessness.

On a physical level, Variscit supports the nervous system, blood flow and skin regeneration. It relieves cramps, helps with various conditions such as rheumatism, gastritis, gout and impotence.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Lime green, Green, Light green
Material Variscite
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