Fire agate and obsidian bracelet

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Fire agate and obsidian - strengthens the courage to master challenges and promotes creative expression and inner stability. Supports the flow of energy, protects against negative influences and helps to release hidden emotional blockages.

This bracelet is made of cut fire agate and 8mm faceted obsidian.

Fire agate is a powerful stone that offers protection and transforms unwanted energies. It promotes the rapid realization of ideas and goals and helps to transform divine guidance into concrete action. In uncertain or unclear situations, fire agate gives you the strength to take decisive action. It strengthens passion and emotions, supports reconnection with one's deepest desires and encourages taking risks to achieve one's goals.

This stone is particularly valuable if you want to break out of routine and encourage interpersonal attraction and connection. As a stone of creativity and expression, fire agate is ideal for releasing artistic blockages and increasing creative energy. In the workplace, it promotes ambition and performance. On an emotional level, fire agate strengthens inner stability, serenity and maturity, while at the same time providing security and self-confidence. It helps to suppress excessive desires for unnecessary things and promotes fidelity in relationships. Fire agate harmonizes the root and sacral chakra in particular and thus ensures a deep energetic balance.

Physically, fire agate supports sexual energy, stamina and circulation. It helps to heal and balance sexual imbalances and to overcome fears of intimacy. It also promotes healing of circulatory disorders, lethargy, lack of energy, depression and improves concentration and analytical skills. Its healing properties also extend to the endocrine system, the large intestine and the metabolism. Fire agate also provides relief for night blindness, hot flushes during the menopause, fever, digestive problems and skin disorders. It strengthens the heart muscle, supports the blood vessels and alleviates symptoms of epilepsy.

Fire agate is closely associated with Archangel Nathaniel and promotes vitality and new beginnings by helping to let go of the old. As a stone that appeals to the sacral chakra, it is closely associated with the element of fire.

Obsidian offers profound support on both an emotional and spiritual level. It has a calming effect on fears, traumas and shocks and helps to develop a sense of security. Obsidian has the ability to bring repressed emotions to the surface, allowing them to be processed and resolved.

On a spiritual level, obsidian promotes the ability to perceive and strengthens spiritual abilities. It creates clarity, serenity and inner peace and helps to increase the flow of energy in the body and release blockages. Obsidian also protects against negative external energies and promotes a better understanding of one's own reality.

Physically, obsidian can help to alleviate circulatory disorders, relieve muscle tension and reduce asthma symptoms. It supports wound healing, strengthens connective tissue and brings relief from stomach and intestinal complaints.

Black obsidian is particularly helpful in recognizing and accepting the hidden dark sides of one's own personality. It provides strength and clarity and helps to release blocking energies. With its ability to bring light into life, it promotes honesty and a deeper understanding of reality.

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Material Fire Agate, Obsidian
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