Rainbow obsidian pendant

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The rainbow obsidian pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry and a powerful companion. It serves as a protective crystal, absorbs negative vibrations, cleanses your aura, reduces physical and mental stress and restores the flow of life energy. It has an inner play of rainbow colors. It provides balance on a physical, mental and spiritual level and brings a lot of joy into your life. It provides health support for the digestive system, relieves pain, supports wound healing, releases trauma, promotes perception and spiritual abilities and is a real treasure against foreign energies.

Rainbowobsidian pendant, this beautiful piece of jewelry is not only an eye-catcher, but also a powerful companion on your spiritual journey.

The rainbow obsidian pendant also serves as a protective crystal on your quest for enlightenment. It absorbs negative vibrations and cleanses your aura, while relieving physical and mental stress and cleansing the chakras to get the life energy flowing. Through its connection with the color spectrum of the rainbow, it not only brings color and joy into your life, but also strengthens your balance on a physical, mental and spiritual level. With a multitude of health benefits. It relieves pain, eases tension and supports wound healing. It can stop bleeding and is a first-aid stone for accidents. It also has a healing effect on almost all organs of the body, controls the nervous system and harmonizes the digestive system.

The rainbow obsidian pendant is one of the most precious obsidians and has a special healing effect. It dissolves old patterns of belief and behavior, awakens unused thought potential and helps you to dissolve old mental resolutions and pain tied to certain memories. It strengthens your senses and gently guides you through the process of letting go and healing.

In addition, the rainbow obsidian pendant supports you in overcoming fears, traumas and shocks. It improves wound healing, relieves asthma and muscle cramps and strengthens connective tissue. It promotes perception and spiritual abilities, brings clarity, serenity and inner peace and protects you from external energies.

We hope that you enjoy this pendant as much as we do and that it accompanies and supports you on your spiritual journey.

Length 4.7 cm

with 925 silver pendant

We also offer the option of lovingly gift-wrapping your purchased item. If you would like this option, simply let us know what you have in mind. We will also be happy to send the gift directly to the recipient.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 days
Colour Black, Iridescent
Material Obsidian
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