Fuchsite rough stone

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Fuchsite rough stone, varying size, between approx. 730 g to approx. 900 g.

Fuchsite - strengthens the immune system, promotes creativity, supports structure and planning. Relieves migraines, dizziness, sleep problems, skin rashes, allergies, sore throats and laryngeal pain, helps with depression, anxiety, melancholy and gives a confident appearance.

Fuchsite rough stone, varying in size, between approx. 730 g to approx. 900 g.

Fuchsite, also known as chrome mica or chrome muscovite, stands for rejuvenation and renewal and brings joy, laughter and playfulness into your life, similar to your childhood and youth. It teaches gratitude for what you already have and shows you how to enjoy small and big things alike. If you have the feeling that your life is getting stuck in a routine, fuchsite helps you to break out of this stagnation. It reminds you that everyone is responsible for their own happiness and helps you to recognize co-dependencies. In seemingly hopeless situations, fuchsite calms you down and gives you the feeling that everything is fine and should be just as it is, even if you are on the verge of a breakdown.

Fuchsite also serves as a protective stone against psychic attacks and acts as a shield to protect your aura from negative influences. It has been used by shamans and sages for centuries to identify and heal the causes of illness. Fuchsite symbolizes growth, new beginnings, miracles, luck and expansion. Especially in times of healing, be it physical or emotional, fuchsite offers great support in dealing with traumatic experiences. It removes unhealthy thoughts and replaces them with compassion and understanding. Women who need to organize a lot benefit from fuchsite's ability to teach structure and good scheduling in everyday life.

Fuchsite establishes contact with nature beings, guardian angels and the spiritual world and is connected to angel Hadakiel. It is also said to act as a natural painkiller and can help with illnesses. On a physical level, fuchsite supports the immune system and helps with migraines, dizziness, sleep problems, skin rashes, allergies, carpal tunnel syndrome, throat and larynx pain and arterial problems. Fuchsite communicates with the element of water.

It can also serve as a protective stone in cases of depression, anxiety and melancholy. Fuchsite gives a confident appearance in difficult situations and helps to avert internal and external pressure. It makes it possible to look at problems or worries from a different perspective by setting boundaries and finding solutions. Fuchsite also strengthens the senses and can have a calming, balancing or even extroverting effect, depending on temperament. Fuchsite also promotes creativity.

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