Gold beryl necklace faceted 4.5mm

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Golden Beryl - Brings light, happiness and spiritual enlightenment. Gives optimism and helps with seasonal depression. A sunshine stone for your personal success.

This fascinating necklace is made of golden beryl crystals that shine like radiant rays of the sun, combining beauty with the wonderful properties of beryl.

Golden beryl, also known as heliodor, is a member of the beryl family and is characterized by its luminous radiance. Reminiscent of the warm colors of the sun, this gemstone brings light, happiness, optimism and enthusiasm into your life. It helps you see the truth in others and boosts your self-confidence. As "The Sunshine Stone," Golden Beryl protects you from external negativity and helps you shed emotional baggage that you may have carried around for many years.

Beryl is especially conducive to personal success, as it awakens your inner energies and enhances your radiance. Even in ancient times, it was believed that beryl could preserve love within a marriage and strengthen reputation. It renews the aura and anchors the soul in a new world, which is why many people use it to better navigate new life situations. It is also used in various forms of therapy, as depending on the mental challenges someone is facing, the appropriate beryl can be chosen to provide optimal support.

Yellow gold beryl is a gemstone that has always been valued for its spiritual properties. It is often referred to as the stone of enlightenment, as it helps to expand consciousness and establish contact with higher planes. Beryl enhances intuition and assists in meditation, which is why it is often used by yogis and spiritual teachers.

Beryl is considered an important companion for spiritual development, especially for the zodiac signs Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn. It gives an awakening and charismatic aura, supports the perfect spiritual order of the aura and can help you find peace of mind. With the gold beryl necklace, you will always carry the power of the sun and the beauty of nature with you.

Yellow beryl can especially cope with problems in the central part of the body, such as stomach problems (constipation or diarrhea), pancreas problems, liver and heart problems, menopausal symptoms and back pain. In addition, this sun-colored gemstone is valued to help treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the long, cold winter months and help you keep warm hands and feet.

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Material Beryl, Silver
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