Hessonite necklace faceted 3.5mm

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Hessonite - for bone health, emotional strength and inner balance. Supports fresh outlook on life and helps overcome difficult life situations. Relieves headaches and hepatitis.

Hessonite, a rare healing stone, has a good effect on bone formation, and it is reported that it can have a soothing effect on bone softening and atrophy. Hessonite plays an important role in the process of bone formation. By wearing it regularly, it can make bones more resistant and less brittle. Its effectiveness is enhanced by the high calcium content of hessonite.

In addition, hessonite promotes the regeneration of the liver and can provide relief from hepatitis. It positively affects the overproduction of bile and may even be supportive in diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Reports suggest that hessonite may offer positive regenerative effects in paralysis and stroke patients. Hildegard von Bingen recommended placing a hessonite on the navel at midnight in cases of fever or gout. The affected person should wait until the hessonite releases its heat to the body.

Wearers of this necklace gain hope, courage, self-confidence and resilience. This can also help overcome difficult life situations and depression. As a healing stone, hessonite has the ability to change life views and let go of outdated behaviors and beliefs. In addition, the stone has a calming effect and promotes spiritual growth. It relieves stress and anxiety, including test anxiety, and can even provide relief from psychosomatic illnesses.

Hessonite symbolizes self-esteem, building and growth. It has the ability to calm and clear emotions when emotionally tense. On an emotional level, it helps you appreciate your own feelings and has a positive effect on the nerves and soul.

Hessonite necklace brightens the soul, gives hope and courage and boosts self-confidence. Hessonite can also help with headaches when placed on the crown of the head. Enjoy the beneficial properties of hessonite by wearing this necklace and connecting with the power of nature.

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