Ionic colloidal iron 100ml

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Optimal supply of the mineral iron. Very bioavailable and cell-permeable. Application via the skin.

Packaging unit: 100ml

Ingredients: 99.93% pure iron (65 ppm), water

Colloids describe the distribution of microscopically small particles of a substance in a dispersion medium. The particles are in the size range of nanometers or micrometers. Tec2Future distributes minerals and trace elements in pure form in distilled water or oil.

Due to their small size, colloidal particles can easily pass through the cell membranes
and therefore act directly in the cell without being deposited in the
organism. Missing elements are transported exactly to where they are needed.

Our cells need minerals as pure colloids because this is the only way
they are 100% cell-permeable. With conventional food supplements, the body must first metabolize the trace elements and produce colloids from them itself. A large proportion of food supplements remain unusable. Pure colloids are significantly more bioavailable, have a higher dosage and can be fully utilized by the body.

Colloids are not food supplements according to EU regulations and may only be used externally.

Storage: Store at room temperature, keep away from microwaves and strong magnetic fields. Protect from light. Keep out of the reach of small children.

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