Ionic colloidal germanium oil 50ml

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Highly pure germanium dissolved in native sunflower oil. Helpful for prostate complaints.

Packaging unit: 50ml

Ingredients: 99.99% pure germanium (1000ppm), native sunflower oil

Colloidal substances are substances of the highest purity (at least 99.99%) without the addition of other substances.

Colloidal germanium oil is a relaxing oil for men. Prostate complaints are usually caused by venous congestion. Supplement your soothing relaxation massage with the deeply effective germanium oil. We also recommend prostate supplements for the right nutrient supply, including for swelling and urinary retention.

We also recommend 10-15 minutes of daily pelvic floor training to strengthen and relax. Consult a physiotherapist to learn the appropriate exercises.

For inflammation, we recommend integrating chestnut products into your diet.

Using an electrophysical process, Tec2Future has succeeded in dissolving some colloids directly in native vegetable oil.

Storage: Store at room temperature, away from microwaves and strong magnetic fields. Protect from light.

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