Drilled lamellar obsidian heart pendant

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Lamellar Obsidian - promotes trauma processing, relieves anxiety and pain, accelerates wound healing. Increases energy levels and supports weight loss. Wards off negative energies and promotes deep sleep.

The heart-shaped lamellar obsidian pendant is as fascinating and refreshing as a touch of magic. Obsidian, as one of the most effective healing stones, has an impressive effect on the psyche and the body.

Psychologically, obsidian enables improved perception and has the amazing ability to evoke both negative and positive experiences. If you have encountered traumatic experiences in the past, obsidian can help to release blockages and process the pain of the past. It not only gives you the strength to cope, but also encourages you to deal with existing fears, making emotional healing possible. It is also said to strengthen self-confidence, overcome fears and insecurities, support the recognition of one's own potential and reduce self-doubt.

The healing power of obsidian also extends to the body. Thanks to its enrichment with silicon, obsidian strengthens the immune system and supports the body's own defenses, enabling it to ward off illness and improve health. In addition to its immune-boosting properties, obsidian also helps to relieve physical pain such as headaches or back pain. Its energetic properties can alleviate pain and have a positive effect on the nervous system. In addition, obsidian is said to accelerate the healing of wounds and injuries by promoting tissue regeneration and reducing inflammation.

In terms of physical energy and vitality, obsidian shows its effect by increasing energy levels and helping to overcome states of exhaustion. Its calming properties also help to reduce stress, which can lead to inner peace and mental relaxation. In addition, obsidian helps to detoxify and cleanse the body by detoxifying the organism and helping to eliminate harmful substances. In the area of weight loss, obsidian stimulates the metabolism, promotes blood circulation and the flow of energy in the body, which can support weight loss.

Obsidian is valued for its ability to ward off negative energies and protect against harmful influences. Worn as a protective stone or placed in living and working spaces, it promotes positive energy. For a deeper and more restful sleep, obsidian can neutralize negative energies in the bedroom and create a calming atmosphere.

These versatile properties make lamellar obsidian a unique and effective companion for people striving for physical well-being, emotional stability and spiritual upliftment. It is a powerful companion on the path to self-healing and the discovery of hidden abilities. Let yourself be touched by its magic and experience the transformative power of this extraordinary healing stone.

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