Obsidian pendant drilled

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Obsidian - Supports with anxiety and trauma, protects against negative energies, strengthens clarity and relieves tension.

Obsidian pendant drilled with band

The black obsidian pendant, drilled and worn with an enclosed band, provides a variety of supportive effects for the body and mind.

Obsidian is versatilely helpful on an emotional as well as spiritual level. It can assist with anxiety, trauma and shock by providing a sense of security and bringing out repressed emotions. It also enhances perceptual and spiritual abilities, creating clarity, serenity and inner peace. Obsidian strengthens the flow of energy in the body, dissolves blockages and protects against negative external energies.

It can help relieve circulatory problems and tension, provide relief from asthma and muscle spasms, and improve wound healing. It also strengthens connective tissues and supports the absorption of vitamins C and D in the body. It can also provide relief for stomach and intestinal problems.

Black obsidian helps to recognize and accept hidden shadow sides of one's own personality. It gives strength, removes blockages and promotes a better understanding of reality by bringing clarity, honesty and light into one's life.

This obsidian pendant can be considered a protective stone that clears negative energies, supports manifestation, sharpens vision, and improves focus both internally and externally.

You can wear it as jewelry, place it in your environment, use it during meditations, or bring it into direct contact with your body through massage. Let the power of black obsidian support you and experience the positive effects on your body and mind.

To cleanse the obsidian pendant from negative energies simply rinse it under running water.

We also offer the option to lovingly gift wrap your purchased item. If you would like this option, just let us know your ideas. We are also happy to send the gift directly to the recipient.

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